Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Heim Enterprises?

Heim Enterprises was started in 1994 from small beginnings has grown into the company that it is today supplying hundreds of school and stationery companies.

Heim Enterprises is renowned for their high quality products, simple business terms, honesty and timely deliveries. Their products are made to last years and not months, and they strive to always maintain good relations with all of their customers, country wide.

Heim Enterprises is an extraordinary company that you will enjoy dealing with. The products they make, are arguably the best products in this market and in the country.

How do I order by fax?

Request an order form & pricelist, print it out, fill it in and then fax it to us on 086 563 1831.

How do I order by phone?

Give us a call on 031 766 3311 and we'll take down your order.

We can assist you in your choices and answer any questions you may have. You might want to request an order form & pricelist before chatting to us if you want.

How do I order by email?

If you want to order by email, request an order form & pricelist, fill it out, and email it back to us. Our email is

Do you have any specials?

Customers might qualify for a discount or specials depending on quantities ordered and where you're situated and how good your payment history with us has been. Contact us to confirm whether specials apply to you.

There are no set in stone specials or discounts as the variations in delivery methods and quantity vary so much from one customer to the next.

Do you make custom products?

We make most of our products as standard products, with a few options to choose from, such as colors, trim colors, zip colors and so on. But we realise that sometimes our customers need something that we don't offer in our products section. For these reasons we have a special requirement policy.

Give us a design or an idea of what you want and we'll make it for you. To see what is possible and to get more info on this, chat to Mr or Mrs Heim. Head over to the contact page to get in touch with them.

We'de love to hear your ideas on what you think we should be making or what you want us to make.

What are your terms & conditions?

  1. Our terms are Strictly C O D or refer point 5.
  2. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks from date of order to delivery.
  3. Our prices include V A T
  4. Our prices are subject to change without notice.
  5. Freight charges are not included. Payment must be received in full prior to the dispatch of the goods (unless by prior arrangement).
  6. Please confirm the freight charges that will/might be applicable to your area.
  7. Discounts, if any do not apply to custom-made
    products (CMT).
  8. Colours and texture of the materials and bias binding may vary from time to time.
  9. Sizes advertised are approximate and may differ slightly to those shown.
  10. Failure to pay COD will forfeit the COD discount.

What are your office hours?

We're open from 7am until 5pm. You can reach us by phone on 031 766 3311, by emailing us at or by filling in our contact form.